Keeping the Dance Floor Packed

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617 Weddings - Boston Wedding DJ

617 Weddings – Boston Wedding DJs

There’s nothing worse at a wedding than an empty dance floor. Your entertainment creates the pulse of the night; without this energy the entire event will drag on and your guests will remember the boring time they had at your Wedding! The following article in part by Elizabeth Mitchell of Bride’s Magazine, has some great tips on how you can keep the party going and we just decided to put our own spin on it for a great read.

1. Listen to your Wedding DJ
Remember this is your day, and your DJ is there to play the songs that you and your guests Love! Filling out your “must plays” and “do not plays” is a great way to help communicate some of these songs but be careful not to tie your DJ’s hands too much! Trust in the professional that you have hired and allow him/her to do their job and get everyone on their feet. The true talent of a Wedding DJ is reading the crowd and choosing the perfect track that lights up the room!

2. Create a floor plan conducive to dancing
This topic is HUGE! So many couples are worried that their dance floor will be too small, but few rarely understand that it’s worse when the floor is too big! A huge dance floor will always seem empty and will not be welcoming to your party crowd. If you are in a large venue and do not have a higher guest count, talk with your Coordinator about creating a floor plan that surrounds the dance floor and defines a dancing space that is sized appropriately to your guests. Also, the placement of your entertainment is essential!  If your DJ is misplaced, it removes the energy that he/she will bring to the dance floor. Sound is also tricky when placing the entertainment away from the party. You never want to upset Wedding guests by blasting them out because the DJ’s speakers have to be so loud to get music to the floor. A DJ or band properly centered on one side of the dance floor is ideal to both sound and energy levels!

3. Start the night off on a high note
We have definitely hosted our fair share of dance parties. Getting people onto the floor is half the battle, keeping them there is the real challenge.  Starting your Wedding off with an open dance floor can really set the tone for a fun and high energy evening. Talk with your entertainment-they can help you create a unique and custom Introduction that opens the floor from the instant the reception starts!

4. Mix up the music
And don’t forget to blast popular picks from a variety of generations! One bad habit we find that many Wedding DJs fall into is playing long sets of the same music. Lots of couples come to us and ask for the “older” music to be played earlier and the “new stuff” to be played later on when the “older crowd” heads home.  That’s just crazy talk!!!! Why would you want your guests to head home early? The best approach is to have all decades and genres of music mixed all night long. Keep both young and old celebrating on the dance floor together. A real live mixing DJ can do this with ease; utilizing their skills and creating remixes that are comprised of old and new tracks that will heat up the dance floor.

5. Don’t lose your guests around the venue
Because cocktails always encourage guests to let loose, duh!  Keep the bar in the same room as the party! Moving guests into other areas moves the party and the energy away, does that even make sense? If your venue’s bar is built into a different room, ask them to do smaller satellite bars in the ballroom to help keep the party going! Photo-Booth’s are amazingly popular but can be a detriment to your dance party. Try choosing an Open-Air Booth and keep it in the ballroom and close to the dance floor.

6. Engage the audience
We like to think of our style as elegant and classy – leaving all of the Wedding Games to the more inexperienced companies. That being said, we are still interactive with your guests and we want them to feed off of our energy and enthusiasm.  A good balance between fun and classy is ideal for an amazing night.

7. Remember: Timing is everything
We approach your Wedding entertainment as a science. Moving your guests and creating a flow of energy that feels natural is an art form and comes through experience and specializing in only Weddings. Work with your entertainment to create the perfect timeline that matches your vision. Just because your venue does it one way doesn’t mean you have to! Working together with your vendors and venue to create the perfect flow can be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to a successful Wedding reception.

8. Provide free flats or flip-flops for female guests
No need to let sore feet kill the vibe! If you have room in your budget to spare,  provide comfy “dancing shoes” for female guests.  It’s safer than bare feet and shows how much you want everyone to dance.

9. Make sure you and your groom are busting a move
Last but certainly not least, make sure you’re on the floor! Everyone wants to be with you on your big night…if you are on the dance floor cutting it up your guests will be too!  That goes for both of you, let loose and enjoy the celebration!

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